Praise For Azaria

“I enjoyed this book a lot due to the fast-paced storyline and well developed characters. … This book has drama, suspense and romance.” – Deidre512, Top 10K reviewer

“An engaging and believable story line…” – Zanderland, reader

“…plausible and seamless.”B. Lieberman, Fiction Author

“A story worth reading” – Robert, reader

“Hayes does a phenomenal job of combining an extremely compelling storyline, thoroughly developing it’s core characters, and painting a vivid picture of an important time in human history.” – Kathryn, reader

“…written with the experience of a polished author.” – S. Palmer, reader

“… a storyline full of surprises. I will definitely recommend it to my teenage kids.” – AMZ Reader

“A long & well-written book. I feel that it should be a trilogy!” – J. W. Davis, reader

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